Jack Butler

Jack Butler 2018-11-08

STOP THE PRESSES AND CALL MY MOTHER – AT LAST, WE HAVE A MICROWAVE ON CAMPUS! In a shock announcement from UL Student Life (ULSL), one glorious microwave has been delivered to the University of Limerick. There are some who might deride a single microwave for a 15,000+ student body,- but spare a thought for […]

Jack Butler 2018-11-06

Out in UL, the LGBTQ+ Society in the University of Limerick, has been a staple of the UL Clubs and Socs since 1997. The society has commandeered many events and trips through the years (and is planning just as many this year!) such as Queerbash, Alternative Miss UL and trips to Dublin and Limerick Prides. […]

Jack Butler 2018-10-10

OVER 1,000 people lined the bridges of Limerick City on Monday 8 October for “Shine a Light on the River” as part of Limerick Mental Health Week. 34 specially illuminated boats carrying over 60 people, along with the Liam McCarthy cup, travelled between the three city bridges shining torches to light up the river. The […]