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Editor 2017-04-05

By Caitlin Griffin The new series that recently began streaming on Netflix is adapted from a book and already has raving reviews despite only being aired on March 31st. 1. Enlightening It should be taught in secondary schools around the world as it teaches teenagers a valuable lesson about bullying. Especially in the season finale […]

Editor 2017-04-03

By Aisling O’Connor Donald Trump may believe that climate change is a conspiracy created by the Chinese, but unfortunately, it is a very real issue. Sources say that we are entering the largest mass extinction since the age of the dinosaurs. Mufasa wasn’t lying in the Lion King when he said that we’re all connected […]

Editor 2017-03-30

By Rebecca Laffan Okay I’m in. I’m committed. Jesus, it’s roasting in here. Shite, where’s my card? One day I will effortlessly beep in but today is just not that day people. Yeah, just walk around me there. I know, I’m a disgrace. STOP GLARING AT ME SECURITY GUARD CAN’T YOU SEE I’M FLUSTERED? Found […]

Editor 2017-03-28

By Ciara Maria Hayes Finding a balance between being frugal and animal-friendly can often prove difficult, however, in recent years, there’s been a rise in cosmetics companies showing compassion for those we share the planet with. 1. The Body Shop This world-famous brand reaches the higher end of the “affordable” spectrum, however, the products are […]

Editor 2017-03-27

  1. Being called every name but your own 2. Constantly being compared to your older and younger sibling(s) 3. Being diagnosed with “Middle-Child Syndrome” by your other siblings 4. You relate so hard to Malcolm and Sue 5. But because you’re known as the forgotten child, you can easily fly under the radar 6. […]

Editor 2017-03-23

By Aimee Wells Provisional timetables for exams came out earlier this week and with them a host of unwanted emotions. Panic, stress, despair, and the sudden realisation that you’re well and truly up against the creek without a paddle. Some of you might be able to buckle down now, but for the vast majority of […]

Editor 2017-03-22

By Chloe O’Keeffe We’ve all been down every now and again, right? But how do you get out of your funk? Here are eight ways to practice self-care! 1. Go for a walk Walk whatever steam you have off! Get out of your stuffy room, open a window and let some air in. Get out […]

Editor 2017-03-21

1. Ride Or Die You know that you can unconditionally rely on them no matter what, and your life would be so shitty without them.     2. Life’s Not Worth Living Without Them When someone says “If someone jumped off a cliff, would you?”, you don’t even wait for them to finish their sentence. […]

Editor 2017-03-10

By Eimear Kelly Okay so I’m definitely not the healthiest person since I came to college but, in an attempt to get back on track, I thought I’d share some of my tips and tricks to eating healthier on a budget. Sweet Potato They’re healthier than regular potatoes, quick to cook, delicious, and ideal for […]

Editor 2017-03-09

By Aimee Wells House of Cards This political drama follows Francis Underwood and the lengths he will go to to get his hands on the American presidency. With murder, sex, and political scandal, this alternative congress is still less scary than the Trump administration. There are four seasons available to watch and season 5 will […]