Ava McDermott 2018-11-08

Do you ever find yourself listening to the same songs, albums and playlists on repeat? Aren’t you tired of hearing the same hit songs on the radio? It’s very easy to find yourself stuck in a musical rut, waiting for that next favourite song to enter your life and keep you company on your way […]

Jack Butler 2018-11-08

STOP THE PRESSES AND CALL MY MOTHER – AT LAST, WE HAVE A MICROWAVE ON CAMPUS! In a shock announcement from UL Student Life (ULSL), one glorious microwave has been delivered to the University of Limerick. There are some who might deride a single microwave for a 15,000+ student body,- but spare a thought for […]

Clodagh Guerin and Saoirse Hammond 2018-11-06

This week Clodagh and I went out to the courtyard in UL to find some fashion inspo! Below are some pics and details of the gorgeous outfits we spotted. We’ll be back again next Thursday so be sure to dress to impress!   Outfit of The Week: Female Edition Name: Clodagh Guerin Studying: English and […]

Jason McNicholas 2018-11-05

Big Mouth returns with horrific hilarity in a season that builds and improves on the strengths of the first. After an opening season that many saw as a fresh and unique take on the perils of puberty, Big Mouth returns for a second run that improves on the first in almost every way. The plot […]

Aisling O Connor 2018-10-24

Autumn brings cooler weather, crisp fallen leaves, and the re-emergence of the basic white girl from hibernation. Grab your leggings and Ugg boots- it’s time to get some coffee. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte The pumpkin spice latte is the most iconic basic white girl drink. Although lots of cafes have adopted the pumpkin spice latte, […]

Michael Finnerty 2018-10-22

Most of us reading this article weren’t even alive during the 1980’s, but that doesn’t mean a 22-year-old who always gets Steve Harrington in personality quizzes can’t take a stab at compiling a list of the best 80’s movies! Back To The Future (1985)   It’s an obvious choice, but how could you have an […]

Ciara Ferguson 2018-10-17

Autumn The mornings are crisp and cool and there is nothing more beautiful than walking to UL on a day like that. Whether you’re coming from Plassey Village or Elm Park, the walk is stunning- with tall trees and colourful leaves decorating the already spectacular campus. Only when it’s dry though, if there is any […]

Clodagh Guerin 2018-10-17

Autumn is truly upon us, and when it comes to autumnal music I feel like acoustic and folk is the way to go.  I am, admittedly, one of those “basic” autumn girls who craves crisp air, spicy lattes and chunky cardigans. With that being said, here are my picks of songs that perfectly capture that […]